Decimation screens at PFF

Decimation Returns to SW

Decimation will make its official Arizona debut on Friday, July 24 as an official selection at the 2014 Prescott Film Festival. This is Decimation‘s ninth festival selection.

The annual film festival, held in Prescott, Arizona, is a multi-day festival which includes: 50-60 films shown in two on-campus theaters, 6-to-8 one-hour-long workshops, social events, filmmakers from films being shown. Attendees come and go, choose what they want to attend. Workshops are free; other events are ticketed

Films Selection: Approximately 225 independent (non-studio) films annually rated (over a 4-mth period) to select final Festival slate: 60% received directly from filmmakers; 40% identified by volunteers as being of possible interest. One thousand volunteer hours spent to view/rate/select films that will appeal to the Prescott-area demographic (15-member volunteer team).

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