Personhood Heads to AmDocs

PERSONHOOD was selected to participate in the 2015 AmDocs Pitch Session, which is held in Palm Springs during the American Documentary Film Festival and Film Fund. Director, Jo Ardinger, and Producer, Rosalie Miller, will pitch the film among twelve other selected filmmakers and compete for funding on March 26!

Named “One of the World’s Top 25 Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee,” by MovieMaker Magazine in 2013, and then “One of the World’s Five Coolest Documentary Film Festivals,” by the same publication later that year, AmDocs is located in the beautiful resort community of Palm Springs, California. Ideally located 90 minutes east of Hollywood, this film mecca boasts a favorable viewing audience and a proven track record of supporting independent films.

In addition to the Film Festival, which showcases more than 135 documentary films on five screens in two theatres in Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage and Palm Desert, they also share the American Documentary Film Fund with independent American filmmakers who will participate and compete for financing for new projects as well as works currently in progress, and this program is the one at which the PERSONHOOD filmmakers will pitch.