Format: Biographical Documentary
Status: Festival Release

Throwing Punches is a short documentary portrait that explores the life and career of Vancouver, B.C. martial artist turned professional stuntwoman, Leanne Hindle. From her competitive, athletic beginnings, to the big break that catapults her stunt career, we follow Hindle’s successes, struggles, and the mounting pressures to be the best.

As Hindle journeys within an industry that demands complete physical dedication, a string of injuries and her transition to motherhood eventually lead her to question what it is that’s truly important. Exploring the fine line between the importance of family, and the desire to still stay in the game, Throwing Punches features exclusive performance footage, as well as personal interviews with the subject, and her mentor, renowned stunt performer and coach, Bruce Fontaine.

Filmed in collaboration with Langara College.

Official Selection, NWFF Local Sightings Film Festival
Official Selection, Honoring Inspiration Film Festival
Official Selection, Tucson Film + Music Festival
Official Selection, World Community Film Festival
Official Selection, Just Film Festival