Format: Experimental Narrative
Status: Wide Release

We wander through our lives, sometimes intertwined in others’ paths, but essentially alone along on the journey. As our universe revolves around our own individual experiences, we tend to forget the joys, the pains, struggles, the emotions that surround us. We dwell in our shortcomings and our regrets. So what do these impressions look like in the afterlife? Do these struggles seem important or did we miss the point? Given the choice of one pivotal moment in the journey of life, would we see things as we did in life, or would it all seem different? What is it that we will truly miss from life that we had taken for granted? What would we say to the living with the insight provided from moving on?

Turning Point does not attempt to answer any of these questions, but instead, opts to demonstrate how short and finite and fragile life truly is, and how, in dwelling on the machine of daily life sometimes blocks the chance to truly see and savor the moments that escape us with every breath we take.

Filmed in collaboration with Public Displays of Affection.

Turning Point full movie:


Winner, Audience Award, Utah Arts Festival
Winner, Jury Mention, Utah Arts Festival
Winner, Audience Award, Eugene International Film Festival
Official Selection, Napa Valley Film Festival
Official Selection, Tacoma Film Festival
Official Selection, Awareness Festival
Official Selection, Carmel International Film Festival