Iron Film Wraps

Wanderhouse Productions’ producers Stefan Hajek and Rosalie Miller served as the production team on the period drama, Iron, which wrapped principal photography yesterday in Snoqualmie, Washington.

This short film, directed by L. Gabriel Gonda and written by Gonda and executive producer, Samara Lerman, tells the story of a young woman defying traditional roles when she goes to work on a railroad during the Second World War. The production was sponsored by Seattle’s 4Culture organization, and shot on authentic steam engines at the Northwest Railway Museum in picturesque Snoqualmie.

Originally slated to shoot for a week in November, flooding in the middle of the production’s schedule threatened to derail completion, but a dedicated all-Northwest crew braved the elements in late January, and got everything in the can. Iron is slated for release later this year, and will undergo a 2016/2017 festival run before seeking formal distribution.